Madbomber2 development using SDL2

I have been working on redeveloping Bill Kendrick’s Madbomber game so that it runs on Android. Bill originally wrote Madbomber back in 1999 in SDL1. When I bought the Android Nexus 7 tablet, I thought that it would be a good platform for running madbomber as it has become a popular game platform. SDL2 now supports Android, so I have been rewriting it for SDL2. I also made the source so that it uses autoconf, so that it will check for proper libraries. I haven’t done a full release of the Android version of the game, but once I do the release of the Android game, I will publish the source for the Android. It’s actually the same source, put you just have to put into the Android build framework. Check out Madbomber2 sources.

About Brian Lavender

I like to program in C++, Java, and Pascal. I have an admiration for languages like Pascal, Ada, and Eiffel. I work a lot with GNU/Linux systems.
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