Stratux Build Iteration 0.1

This is my current Stratux build. It uses the standard Raspberry Pi cases, the Raspberry Pi 3, two Nooelec NESDR SDRs, a NooElec 1090 SMA antenna, a NooElec 978 SMA antenna, and an external U-BLOX 7 GPS module. I used an USB hub from Best Buy for plugging in the SDRs and the GPS. It runs my slightly customized fork. I put in two suction cups for fastening it to the rear window. Thus far, I have used it with Cessna 152. I used foam core and a hot glue gun to construct the mounting. One of the issues is that the plane vibration seems to have affected the connection of the SDRs in the USB hub. I also got Waverunner Pi hat, yet I have not attempted to add it yet.

Stratux Build
Stratux build

About Brian Lavender

I like to program in C++, Java, and Pascal. I have an admiration for languages like Pascal, Ada, and Eiffel. I work a lot with GNU/Linux systems.
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