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Linux User Group of Sacramento (sacLUG)

Coin du PERL

An integral blend of sample PERL CGI scripts for intense website flavor.

Napa - Brie Business Directory

Explore Napa photographically. If you want to see businesses about in Downtown Napa, go here. Please note many pages in the guide are taken from the Brie perspective and don't necessarily represent the business.

Brian Lavender

Head guy at Brie Publishing and the sole proprietor.

Le Conflit

An online magazine featuring personal experiences, and whatever I feel like writing about for fun. It currently features several "Sorta Live" Productions and a review of van der Heyden Vineyards.

Brie Recommends

We decided to share some of the cyberstops along the way, commonly known as a links page. For those who are distraught and want to escape reality, we first recommend seeing a psychologist. If you don't have any luck there, then start here. We don't assume responsibility for what might happen to you though.


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