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Welcome to Brie online magazine. It is about some personal adventures, experiences, and reviews of the editor, Brian Lavender. Currently he is chief of staff and I does most of the work. Brie Magazine is a living journal which changes as stories are developed. The chief of staff has pursued learning french and welcomes stories written in french in the Bay Area. If you have interest in this please contact me at brian@brie.com.

Brian Lavender lived in Los Angeles for a period of nine months. By degree he is a mechanical engineer, but currently is focusing his interests on Web Publishing. He also has lived in Chicago where he worked in the pinball industry. He grew up in the Napa Valley. By nature this journal will feature many of the editor's experiences.

Brie Features


  1. Business
    1. Protect Your Internet Business
      R. James Schnieders advises on doing business on the Internet and gives some precautions to take.

  2. A Sort of Live Productions
    1. Napa Valley Music Festival
      Music Clips

  3. van der Heyden Vineyards
    A focus on van Der Heyden Vineyards. My lovely neighbor and Winemaker extraodinaire.

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