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I had numerous links to other sites, yet it seems that most have changed to other domains or are domains for sale. -Brian.

The Napa Valley!

Jim Pryts
Jim created assisted with numerous graphics in the early days and often scanned photos before digital cameras.
The complete guide to the Napa Valley
Wine Country Virtual Visit
Napa Valley Tours & Trail Hikes


Los Angeles Traffic Report
This one of the original sites that intrigued me while I lived in Los Angeles in 1995. It was before the days of Google maps and one could view the status of traffic in LA.

Les endroits français

I had some links to various places in Queubec.
Musée du Québec
Expositions d'oeuvres d'artistes du Québec et d'ailleurs. Also in English.
Guide to Hotels and Resorts in Quebec

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