GPS Bike Ride Plots

These are GPS plots taken with my Garmin GPS III+. Most are done on my bike.

Mapped Rides



Gym Ride

Mon Jan 15, 2002


[brian@laptop gps]$ rideplot --color --brush-width=2 --speed-cutoff=25 \
< tracklog-20020115.txt > bikeride-20020115.png  
total distance: 11.19km /  6.96mi
maximum speed: 33.33Km/h / 20.71mph
8 points omitted due to speed cutoff

Start: 36th and T Streets
End: Family Health and Fitness on 5th and J St.

Trip to the gym. This time, I went down T, and then I cut over to U St when I hit 28th. U St doesn't have a Railroad overcrossing, but forces you to go down 22nd to V St. I think I mislabled the map, because I do know 21st goes all the way through.

On the way back, I came up P St. Once again, I reaffirmed that P St. would be an excellent candidate to convert to 2 way. With its current one way flow it is the one street that isolates downtown from the social atmosphere which Midtown enjoys.



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